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MUBA – Tallinn Musik and Ballet School

Pärnu mnt 59, Tallinn

Tallinn Ballet School is the only educational institution educating professional ballet dancers in Estonia. The goal of Tallinn Ballet School is to train ballet artists who are competitive in the international labour market, capable of performing traditional classical choreography and contemporary choreographers’ work at a high professional level.

As part of the study, junior and senior students have stage practice and participate in ballet performances, concerts and festivals at the Estonian National Opera. The biggest concert performance of the school’s students is held every spring at Tallinn Ballet School Gala at the Estonian National Opera.

Tallinn Ballet School was established in 1946 on the basis of a ballet studio, which operated under the national theatre “Estonia”. The school was called the Estonian National School of Choreography, and the first headmaster was Anna Ekston. The school operated at the address Lai 11 and in the rehearsal halls of “Estonia” theatre. From 1965, the school was located in Toompea and from that point onwards, the school provides basic and upper secondary education in addition to the speciality studies. During the period 1992-2022, the school was called Tallinn Ballet School.

In 2022, Tallinn Music High School, Georg Ots Tallinn Music College and Tallinn Ballet School will merge into a state school called MUBA – Tallinn Music and Ballet School, which will be educating the majority of future Estonian professional musicians and dancers. A new schoolhouse offering contemporary study opportunities will be built in Tallinn City Centre (at the address Pärnu mnt 59) with world-class study, rehearsal and performance conditions – in addition to classrooms and rehearsal space, also several halls, a student home, a studio, swimming pool and interior courtyard. The author of the study building project is the renowned Austrian architect Thomas Pucher, who won the architectural competition in 2011. Studies will commence at the new building in September 2022.