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The Estonian Theatre Agency (the Estonian Drama Agency until 2008) has been organizing playwriting competitions since 1995. The New Drama Competition takes place during odd years. The competition jury is made up of seven members with one or two members from the Agencys Art Council and five to six members from among experienced Estonian theatre professionals, critics or theoreticians.

In addition to the New Drama Competition organised every other year, we have organised international, childrens and youth`s play and monodrama competitions. We welcome full-length plays from recognised authors but also authors who have only begun to write plays for theatre to the competition. Throughout the years, the average number of plays submitted for the competition has been 65. It has become a tradition to translate the winning play into English and it is introduced more widely abroad.

We will be announcing the next Estonian Theatre Agency playwriting competition in February 2023!

To request information about the competition, write to the address heidi@teater.ee (Heidi Aadma)