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Estonian Theatre Agency’s databases

Authors and translators – playwrights and translators represented by the Agency

Database of plays – information about texts in the Agency’s and theatres’ collections, ordering plays in file format

Estonian theatre statistics’ database – the base includes statistics from 2012, also (2006–2011) PDFs of previous statistics’ yearbooks and Teatrielu Chronicles (from 2012)

Productions’ archive – descriptions of theatres’ productions

News’ archive – the Agency webpage’s theatre news’ archive

A glossary of theatre terminology – a glossary compiled by the theatre terminology working group

Estonian theatre

Estonian theatre productions’ database – a database of Estonian theatre productions’ main information (based on playbills and information on new productions from Teatrimärkmik and Teatrielu publications) created by the EMTA Drama Department’s theatre history working group with contributions from the Theatre and Music Museum

A biographical lexicon of Estonian theatre (ETBL) – encyclopaedia articles on close to 4000 people related to Estonian theatre   

elab.ee – a community-led online environment for all friends of the theatre, who wish to share their theatre experiences and learn about other people’s experiences


Radio theatre archive – audio dramas, serials, Ööülikool (Night University) and other programmes

Estonian Public Broadcasting archive – television and radio programmes, television plays, photo archive

Film et alia

Estonian Film Database – detailed information of Estonian films

Teater. Muusika. Kino – partial archive of a journal (see full texts also in DIGAR)

Sirp –  weekly culture paper, archive online since 2004.

Sõnaveeb – allows searching for theatre terminology from numerous Estonian Language Institute’s glossaries and databases simultaneously

Estonian museums’ web gateway MuIS – information about artefacts in Estonian museums

International databases

ECPCP (EU Contemporary Puppetry Critical Platform) – an international puppetry online platform, also representing object, material, mask, physical, multimedia and digital theatre. The page reflects the most important events, articles, publications and insight into the puppetry of each participating country.

Opera Database

Operabase – on online database of opera productions and performances, opera houses and companies, the performers and their agents