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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: Wood Paths

Ģertrūdes ielas teātris
Andrejs Jarovojs
Andrejs Jarovojs

Gertrude Street Theatre

Creative team Andrejs JarovojsRudolfs GedinšEdgars SamitisRudolfs Bekičs

In his exploration of various means of artistic expression director Andrejs Jarovojs pays special attention to the use of figurative stage language, the interplay of signs and personal communication with the spectator. Each performance is a special microcosm with its own rules, which creates a meeting place for the imaginations of the artists and the audience.

With “Wood Paths” Andrejs Jarovojs returns to non-text-based theatre. It is physical and visual performance. Through playing with the materiality, symmetry and asymmetry of wood, the creative team speaks directly about humans and culture, exploring the rules for the coexistence of the old and the new, the relationship and the developmental potential between the two. It is a mandala-like performance about the never-ending human striving to create order in the world around us and the short-lived victories in this effort.

Gertrude Street Theatre (Gertrudes ielas teatris) is located in a courtyard house of Gertrudes street 101a in Riga, Latvia. For now, the hall at Gertrudes street 101a has gone from hosting events to becoming one of the most influential independent theatres in Latvia and affecting change in the country’s theatre system. GIT has produced and co-produced 48 new productions and held guest performances in 17 countries. At the moment the Gertrude Street Theatre stages 4–6 new productions each season and offers a monthly program of repertoire performances. Artists from various performing arts backgrounds – theatre, dance, and music – come together in a total of over 100 events each season. Each drawing from their field and complementing one another, they create and develop theatre as an experiential medium that encourages spectators to embrace the challenge when encountering the unknown.