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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: The Big Bang

Klaipeda Nukuteater
Zvi Zahar
Aušra Bakanaite, Zvi Zahar

Klaipeda Puppet Theatre

Author of Concept, Director Zvi Zahar (Puppetcinema)
Set Designer, Assistant Director, Co-Author Aušra Bakanaitė
Lightning Designers Scahar Peggy MontlakePaulius Vendelis
Composer Kobe Shmueli
Puppet Constructors Aušra Bakanaitė, Marbeyad Studio
Puppeteers, Co-authors Monika Mikalauskaitė-BaužienėVytautas KairysKęstutis Bručkus

A combination of puppetry and cinema for families and children from 5 years old

"The Big Bang" is a co-production of Klaipeda Puppet Theatre and the actor, theatre creator and director Zvi Sahar of Itim Ensemble, Israel. The mission of the theatre created by Zvi Sahar is the synergy of puppet theatre and cinema: during the performances, miniature puppets are filmed and the image is projected directly on the screen. In “The Big Bang”, the world is created with the help of various details of electronic devices.

In "The Big Bang" the audience is taken to the beginning of the Universe. There are many planets in that Universe, and on one of them the Big Bang is taking place. In this thriving world of society, cities and cultures, we observe the life of a little robot and his dog until one day they are in danger: it starts to rain.

How will this world of metal and various electrical appliances react to water? Will the water destroy it? What will happen to the robot and his dog during this climate change tragedy? At this particular moment, humanity needs to ask itself not only how life came into being, but also how it will end.

Klaipeda Puppet Theatre is one of the youngest up-and-coming puppet theatres in Lithuania, constantly in search of new means of theatrical expression in the language of puppetry. It is a contemporary, refined, representative theatre that is interesting for both children and the adult viewers.

Klaipeda Puppet Theatre's mission is to introduce the conventional and unconventional art of puppetry to the children and youth from Klaipeda and Klaipeda region; to educate them intellectually and culturally; to shape the value system of children and youth.

Theatre experts name Klaipeda Puppet Theatre as one of the strongest, most ambitious puppet theaters in Lithuania. By performing regularly for children, organising various educational projects, the theatre fills an important niche in Klaipeda – its brings theatre to the young, as well as adult, audiences.