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Baltic Dance Platform '22 host program: inklingroom

Keity Pook, Michal Sobkiewicz

inklingroom is a London based multi-disciplinary art platform, record label and event series, founded by Estonian choreographer Keity Pook and Polish event promoter, and DJ Michal Sobkiewicz. The platform focuses on making immersive experience live events that combine experimental and club music with contemporary dance creating innovative performances.

inklingroom presents its first-ever international showcase at HALL in Tallinn on the 18th of May 2022.

This special pre-opening night as part of the Baltic Dance Platform 2022 hosted by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava will present the works of ten Estonian based dance artists and DJs/musicians.

The program features the country’s established dance artists such as Sigrid Savi, Pääsu-Liis Kens and Indrek Kornel, among fearless, emerging Elle Viies and duo Anumai Raska & Germo Toonikus, all to present thrilling innovative dance performances in the unique settings of Tallinn’s greatest techno super club.

On the music side we are thrilled to present Tallinn’s avant-garde icons such as DJ Court Rat with a rare DJ set appearance, as well as Sander Saarmets - an act that requires little introduction to regulars of the Estonian scene, but this time he will be presenting a special live performance. All is followed up by DJ sets by fast and furious contemporary club scene newcomers: boundary-pushing Elysian Tunes, performance artist and DJ, Jette Loona Hermanis.

The atmosphere and HALL’s visual identity will be provided by Estonian art KREAT MINDS collective who will curate and special one-off space design, exclusively for this event.


Anumai Raska & Germo Tonic
Elle Viies
Indrek Kornel
Pääsu-Liis Kens
Sigrid Savi

DJ Court Rat
Elüüsia lugusid
Endamisi Salamisi
Jette Loona Hermanis
Sander Saarmets

Space design by KREAT MINDS
Jaagup Susi (team leader)
Tristan Rebane (technique)
Joosep Elias Tani (technique)
Grete Vaalma (light)
Kerttu Koemets (decorations)
Ursula Ainso (decorations)
Johanna Liisa Eichenbaum (decorations)


May 19th–21st 2022 in Tallinn

Baltic Dance Platform 2022 takes place in Tallinn. The three-day performance program brings together some of the most remarkable contemporary dance artists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, selected by an international jury. The program also includes pitch presentations, workshops for professionals, discussions and an evening festival club.