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Estonian Directors’ and Dramaturgs’ Union

Uus 5, 10111 Tallinn

The Estonian Directors’ and Dramaturgs’ Union (EDDU) is a professional association of theatre directors and dramaturgs operating since 1992 and one of the professional associations under the Estonian Theatre Union, which acts as the umbrella organisation.

EDDU was established on October 28, 1992, as a theatre directors union. In 2020, the Union was enlarged by including independent playwrights and dramaturgs in theatres.

According to the Statutes, the goal of EDDU is to develop Estonian dramatic art and culture, stand for its members’ salary and social interests, protect its members’ creative and copyright interests, develop and facilitate cooperation between directors and dramaturgs.

The board of EDDU (MTÜ Eesti Lavastajate ja Dramaturgide Liit) is elected for one year. From May 09, 2021, the board includes Jaanus Rohumaa (Chairman), Siret Campbell (Vice Chairman), Jaanika Juhanson, Margus Kasterpalu, Birgit Landberg, Mehis Pihla and Paavo Piik.

The Union’s Head of Organisation and Information is Kaisa Sein.