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Estonian Association of Theatre Technical Staff

Uus 5, 10111 Tallinn

The Estonian Association of Theatre Technical Staff (Eesti Teatri Tehniliste Töötajate Ühendus / ETTTÜ) is a professional association and trade union acting in public interest, which belongs to the umbrella organisation the Estonian Theatre Union and brings together technical staff of theatres and the people who educate them.

The objective of ETTTÜ is to protect its members’ professional, social and economic rights. In order to achieve its aims, ETTTÜ acts as the developer and defender of Estonian theatres’ technical staff’s common interests and the main areas of work are being a technical information centre for theatre, establishing a speciality-based labour portal, working with education institutions which teach theatre technical specialities, updating professional standards, organising and mediating in-service trainings, professional training and professional examinations.

With the support of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, ETTTÜ issues a performing arts decoration of merit to creative technical staff with long-term dedicated contributions.

The non-profit Estonian Association of Theatre Technical Staff (est. 1996) was re-established on June 02, 2014. The chairman is Taivo Pahmann, the members of the board are Tauno Makke, Sander Aleks Paavo, Siim Saarsen, Margus Vaigur and Mait Visnapuu. As of 2020, the Association has 206 members.