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Estonian Actors’ Union

Sakala tn 3, 10141 Tallinna

The Estonian Actors Union is a union of Estonian professional actors, a recognised artistic association in the meaning of the Artistic Associations Act and the collective representation body of actors as performers of bodies of work in the meaning of the Copyright Act.

The Union was established on March 08, 1993, and is the legal successor of the Estonian Actors Union established on March 14, 1934. The Estonian Actors Union belongs to the Estonian Theatre Union and is a member of the International Federation of Actors (FIA).

People who work as professional actors or in associated professions can be active members of the Estonian Actors Union. The board elects honorary members for dedicated service to performing arts. The Union’s highest regulatory body is the general assembly, which is called every three years. In between the general assemblies, the Union’s highest regulatory body is the council.

The chairman of the Union is elected at the general meeting, also the board, which is the executive body (or the principles of forming the board are decided). The board elects two vice chairmen and convenes at least once a month.

The Chairman of the Estonian Actors’ Union is Tõnn Lamp, the Vice Chairmen are Ernst Lillemets and Liisa Pulk. The Union has 556 members.