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Association of Estonian Scenographers

Uus 5, 10111 Tallinn

The Association of Estonian Scenographers (ELKL) is a non-profit artistic association bringing together professional theatre, television and cinema scenographers established in 1993.

The objective is to promote Estonian set design culture in all the formats it is used, protect its members’ creative, copyright and social interests and ensure professionalism in their speciality.

The Association’s focus is on developments in professional theatre and trainings, participation in the work of juries for annual awards, organisation of scenography exhibitions, events and publication of print material and books. The Association of Estonian Scenographers represents Estonian theatre culture globally, by organising or supporting the participation of scenographers in conferences and exhibitions.

The Association is a sub-association of the Estonian Theatre Union and the Estonian Artists’ Union.

The Association of Estonian Scenographers brings together 65 professional scenographers, whose main area of activity is creation of scenography for plays, films, television studios and exhibitions.

Chairman of ELKL: Karmo Mende
Board of ELKL: Emer Värk (Vice Chairman), Arthur Arula, Marge Martin, Alyona Movko-Mägi, Maret Tamme, Liina Tepand and Maarja Viiding