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Where to Invite Liza?

Aurinkobaletti - AB Dance Company
Saša Pepeljajev
Saša Pepeljajev
September 24th 2021 in Manilla Cultural Centre

Author and choreographer Saša Pepeljajev
Light designer Zai Sainio
Sound designer Jaakko Salonen
Photographer and graphic designer Jussi Virkkumaa
Dancers Côme Calmelet-Pyykkö, Urmas Poolamets, Patrick Di Quirico ja Elina Raiskinmäki

Choreographer Sasha Pepeljajev has created the dance theater performance "Where to Invite Liza?" for the Finnish AB-Dance Company.

AB-Dance Company has been established in 1981 in Turku, Finland, and it is led by an Estonian-Finnish Urmas Poolamets.

The performance "Where to invite Liza?" takes the public into surprising and arbitrary events. The immense Golberg-machine fills the whole stage. The chain reactions of the machine make a fantastic climax to the perfomance.

Duration: approximately 2 h (including an intermission)
Age recommendation: 15+