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What Happens When We Are No Longer Here?

Kirill Havanski, Maria Paiste
Kirill Havanski
April 14th 2023 in the Tartu New Theatre

In Estonian, but cross-culturally understandable / little text

Playwrights Kirill Havanski, Maria Paiste and the troupe
Director Kirill Havanski
Designer Riin Maide
Lighting designer Aleksandr Mirson
Sound designer Markus Palo
Poster designer Elo Vahtrik
Producer Marie Valgre
On stage Ilo-Ann Saarepera, Grete Jürgenson (Rakvere Teater), Maria Paiste, Ekke Hekles, Johannes Richard Sepping

A group of friends meets up again to simply be together. The anticipation is great because there are less and less opportunities to be together, the time goes on and on and their lives have become more intense.
The table is set, and the drinks are poured out, the music is good, the room has a cosy light, and a cool breeze is coming in from the window. Everything will start soon. They will sit down at the table to start off their evening well, recall about the past and talk about the present, feel the joy of being together and simply be. Everything will start soon. They sit down at the table. And the glasses clink toge… But something is wrong. One spot at the table is empty. Someone is missing. And, deep down, we know that we will never see them again.

A performative study about grief and longing centred around the acceptance – and most importantly the bliss – of the unstoppable course of life.