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Priit Pärn
Noorele vaatajale
September 5th, 2020 at the Ferdinand hall of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences

Nothing is the right way, not even upside down

Dramatisers Donald Tomberg, Leino Rei, Kaspar Jancis
Translator Viktor Lukawski
Director Leino Rei
Designer and Composer Kaspar Jancis
Video Designer Sander Tuvikene
Sound Designer Mait Visnapuu
Lighting Designer Rene Liivamägi
Choreographer Viktor Lukawski
Cast Lee Trei, Doris Tislar, Mait Joorits, Risto Vaidla

A boy called Ants once decided to do everything upside down and inside out, so he became the Topsy-Turvy-Ants. Why would he do that? Because doing things the same way as everyone else is just boring. Doing it differently is exciting and unexpected. But this upside-downing made Ants’s parents anxious, so they sent him to his uncle who lived in Topsy-Turvy Town. This was truly an upside-down world and my, oh, my, did Ants have a lot to explore here!

The performance is based on beloved Estonian animator Priit Pärn’s comic book full of upside-down logic and dizzying word plays, published in 1980. The works of Priit Pärn have not often been interpreted in theatre, but the form of visual theatre offers many possibilities to do that.