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to be

Stefanija Nosovaitė
Stefanija Nosovaitė

Author and performer Stefanija Nosovaitė

Dance performance "to be" was born from a different kind of experiences. After experiencing
physical, sexual and psychological violence, a strong disappointment remained inside.

"By using the art of painting and dance, I allowed myself to "dive" into the depths of my soul
and find a way of communicating with the audience that would reflect the inner trauma. A very
important place in artistic practice was occupied by symbolism: colors, incense, candles and music," says the artist.

The purpose of this show is not only to discover and express oneself through painting, but also
to bring together a community for whom this show would become not only an inspiration but also a step towards their own. The artist boldly claims that it helps her to heal herself, so this is a way in which the synergies between her and the audience help to find ways. From this point of view, it is a great way to unlock the hearts of the audience and communicate directly.

Stefanija Nosovaitė is a theater stage artist, musician, choreographer, contemporary and street dance performer. Having participated in many competitions, dance productions and created a considerable amount of dance performances.