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There is a chair waiting for to be sat on

Ekaterina Soorsk, Helen Reitsnik, Olga Privis, Simo Kruusement, Tiina Ollesk
Renee Nõmmik, Tiina Ollesk
April 13th 2023 in the Russian Theatre of Estonia

Directors Tiina Ollesk, Renee Nõmmik
Dancers and choreographers Tiina Ollesk, Olga Privis, Helen Reitsnik, Simo Kruusement
Music Giovanni Albini (Italy)
Projection-visuals Argo Valgmaa and Renee Nõmmik
Costume Kirill Safonov

There is a chair waiting to be sat on. A hand waiting to be held. A door waiting to be opened. Feelings that need to be lived and thoughts that are waiting to be expressed. There are trash and nonsense that need to be put aside, questions that need answers and memories that are waiting to be remembered... But all this sometime later, after..., somewhere else - between the thirst to participate in the life that connects us and the limitations created by the body.

She had a dream that she met her departed loved ones, but she herself had become a white river. Her powerless and helplessly motionless body had passed out of its fleshly form—her body had become an ever-present flow of eternity. When she woke up, she felt like a prisoner of her body and asked: "Do you still love me?"

Laser lights and smoke machine are used during performance.