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The Black Box

SA Arvo Pärdi Keskus
Viktor Marvin
Viktor Marvin
November 4th 2022 in Arvo Pärt Centre

Text, director Viktor Marvin
Video designer Sofia Strömberg
Light designer Anton Andreyuk
Violin Robert Traksmann
Cello Siluan Hirvoja 
Piano Rasmus Andreas Raide

A box: a place where we keep things, photos that are dear and close to us. The box is dark, and the memories stored in it are sad more often than happy.

“The Black Box” is a performance by Viktor Marvin, an actor from the Russian Theatre. The show is based on Ludvik Aškenazy’s book of the same name. The author wrote these texts in blank verse nearly half a century ago, and they are essentially like captions for his wartime and later photographs.

Today, in light of the war in Ukraine, lines of poetry written in the tumultuous times of the previous century take on a new meaning. These verses are reflections on what has already happened and what can happen again.

The performance combines text, black and white photographs dating back to World War II, taken by the best Czech photographers, and music by Arvo Pärt and Valentin Silvestrov.

“The Black Box” is dedicated to everyone touched by war at any time during their life. The show will be in English and translated to Estonian.