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Tallinn Treff 2023: Piano Piece

Company F.M.O
Felix M. Ott
Felix M. Ott
Tallinn Treff 2023
October 24th 2018 in Uferstudio

Choreography, performance, production Felix M. Ott
Sound design Zoltan Demeter, Adam Asnan
Light design Emma Julliard
Dramaturgic eye Amandine Cheveau, Diego Agulló
Costume Amandine Cheveau

Duet of a piano and human body, where Felix M. Ott explores exhaustively the possibilities of this relationship and its boundaries.

Between internal confrontation and fearful embrace, visual worlds and soundscapes are created to reveal the inner life of both.

A musical evening in a moving way.

Felix’s research began with a recording that had been lost for decades, recently discovered by chance in the estate of Dadaist Richard Huelsenbeck, marked the starting point of the research. The audio captures artist Rafael Montañez Ortiz destroying a piano with an axe at the London Destruction in Art Symposium on 10 September 1966 – a rare document of an art-historically important symposium where the art of deconstruction became visible for the first time as an international trend.

Felix Mathias Ott was born in 1983 in Reutlingen and is mainly choreographer in the field of
contemporary performing arts, working internationally and based in Berlin. His father, a German actor, inspired in him from an early age a huge interest in theatre that Felix developed initially by studying stage design. He returned later to his performative roots with a course in Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography at HZT Berlin in cooperation with UdK und Ernst Busch Hochschule in Berlin. Since then he works as a stage designer, video artist, interpreter (dancing/acting), author and choreographer.