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Tallinn Treff 2023: Love Machine

Ornan Braier
Ornan Braier
Ornan Braier
Tallinn Treff 2023

Script, direction, design, music and performance Ornan Braier
Animation Hadar Landesberg
Costumes, design Vali Mintzi
Artistic Advisors Naomi Yoeli and Marit Benisrael

In a magical box lives a lonely man.
The box is his home and he is its heartbeat.
Each morning the man takes on a series of activities, at the end of which awaits him a cup of tea.
But this morning something goes wrong… the box creates a secret opening into a world of imagination that will lead him to love…

Ornan Braier, an independent visual theatre director and actor, is an anticipated performer at theatre festivals all around the globe. For Treff’s audience Braier is probably best known for his performance Tailor Made which he performed in Tallinn in 2019.