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Tallinn Treff 2023: Coulrophobia

Opposable Thumb Theatre
Adam Blake, Dik Downey, John Nicholson
John Nicholson
Tallinn Treff 2023

Director John Nicholson
Performers Dik Downey and Adam Blake
Concept and Script Dik Downey, Adam Blake and John Nicholson
Set Design, Puppet Makers Dik Downey and Emma Powell
Props and Objects Emma Powell
Composer and Sound Design Simon Preston
Costume Designer Linda Anneveld
Wig Maker Debbie Hard
Light Design and Technical Solutions Jan Erik Skarby, Marianne Thallaug Wedset and Onela Keal

Welcome, sit down, relax, but don’t get too comfortable.

Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is 80 minutes of slapstick, mime, puppetry, existential angst and big shoes.   

Our unlikely heroes are Dik & Adam, two clowns in search of freedom from a bewildering cardboard world. Join them in their desperate quest for a more meaningful existence.

With enough subversive humour to please the most hardened cynic, Coulrophobia glides seamlessly from sinister to touching, from ridiculous to outright hilarious.

Warning: Coulrophobia contains ‘disappointing nudity’ and some words more appropriate for those aged 16 +.

Opposable Thumb is the co-creation of Dik Downey (co-founder of Pickled Image) and Adam Blake (associate artist with Wyldwood Arts and co-founder of Open Attic Company). Dik and Adam have been working together since 2013 when they performed together in The Shop of Little Horrors. The show toured extensively and a successful performing partnership was forged. Dik invited Adam to work with him again on Coulrophobia – a groundbreaking clown and puppet show made at Nordland Visual Theatre, on the remote Lofoten Islands, in 2014. Coulrophobia has been touring ever since, showing at numerous international festivals, generating rave reviews and standing ovations.