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Tallinn Treff 2023: Chayka

La Compagnie Belova~Iacobelli
Nataša Belova, Tita Iacobelli
Tallinn Treff 2023
January 12th 2019 at the Festival Santiago a Mil

Direction Natacha Belova and Tita Iacobelli
Outside eye Nicole Mossoux
Set design Natacha Belova
Performed by Tita lacobelli
Assistant director Edurne Rankin
Dramaturgical assistant Rodrigo Gijón
Set design assistant Gabriela González
Lighting design Gabriela González, Christian Halkin
Set construction Guy Carbonnelle, Aurélie Borremans
Sound design Gonzalo Aylwin, Simón González
Music Simón González based on Rafael Hernández’s song La Pobre Gaviota
Lighting and effects engineer Franco Peñaloza
Production Javier Chávez, IFO Asbl

In the backstage of a theatre, an ageing actress named Chayka struggles to remember why she is there. A young woman arrives to remind her: tonight she must play the part of Arkadina in Chekhov’s The Seagull.

It will be her final role. As her memory fades, not knowing quite who she is nor the part she is meant to be playing, she is determined at least to give this last performance. In her struggle and descent, reality and fiction intersect. She tries to keep to the plot, but the conflict with her son Konstantin, and the repeated abandonments of her lover Trigorin, soon plunge her back into her past.

Like the characters in The Seagull, Chayka navigates between past and future, disappointment and hope – and keeps going in spite of everything.

Told in a dreamlike style, this duo performance for one actress and one puppet is the first piece from the Belgo-Chilean company Belova~Iacobelli. 

Natacha Belova was born in Russia, graduated in history, and has lived in Belgium since 1995. After initial work as a costume and set designer on the Belgian and international performing arts circuits, she went on to specialise in contemporary puppetry. Working on numerous projects in theatre, as well as in dance, circus, cinema and opera, she acquired a great depth of experience that drove her to instigate her own projects. Her first creations came in the form of exhibitions and installations.

Tita Iacobelli began her career as an artist in 2001. In 2003, she won the Best Actress Award at the Nuevos Directores festival. Since 2005, she has worked as an actress and puppeteer, as well as co-directing several works by Jaime Lorca’s Viajeinmóvil Company. She also gives puppetry workshops. Her work on various stages in Europe and the Americas has included productions such as Gulliver (2006) and Othello (2012). Her close ties to music led her to direct several musicals with the youth theatre company Teatro de Ocasión, and theatrical concerts with the Chilean jazz-fusion ensemble Congreso and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Santiago Municipal Theatre.