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Tallinn Treff 2023: Boxed

Ariel Doron
Ariel Doron, Tobias Tönjes
Ariel Doron
Tallinn Treff 2023
in 2019

Created & performed by Ariel Doron
Dramaturgy Tobias Tönjes
Artistic consultation Shahar Marom, Florian Feisel, Roni Nelken Mosenson

What's That?

Is it Me?
Is it a You?
Is this Real?
Or just a Joke?
It's time we open The Box!

Please close it.
I'm scared.

A solo piece by Ariel Doron, in which he creates a fascinating short story using only a shoebox.

A funny, sensitive and scary fantasy about a lonely man trying to get in touch with himself and the world.

Ariel Doron is a puppeteer, director and performer. In his work, he uses very little text and a lot of playfulness in order to deal with hard social and political subjects. Each project is created with a the puppetry or performance discipline that best suits it, with the hope to always expand and question the media in which its created in, and with a desire to inspire viewers to feel, think and react.