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Olmeulmad: Sanctum textum* *Sacred Body Web

Age Linkmann, Arolin Raudva, Maarja Tõnisson, Raho Aadla
19. veebruaril 2020 Sakala 3 teatrimajas

Authors, performers: Raho AadlaAge LinkmannArolin RaudvaMaarja Tõnisson
Production: Grete Nellis
Vocal Dramaturgy: Anne Türnpu
Stage Design: Sille Pihlak
Costume Design: Kadi Adrikorn
Sound Design: Raido Linkmann
Light Design: Priidu Adlas

A museum. Library.

Church. Grove. Club.

Shopping centre. Bog.

“Olmeulmad: Sanctum textum*” is a pilgrimage of the contemporary body. Four nomads join themselves through touch and sound to become a living, breathing human puzzle, appearing at different times in different places, once in each place.

Olmeulmad is a contemporary performing arts collective based in Tallinn, Estonia. Creating worlds full of playfulness, humor, everyday magic, flows of passion and colours of surprises. We meet in the aftermath of our sensatory sensitivities, right there in the syrreal everyday.

Premiere: February 19th, 2020 at Sakala 3, Tallinn

Duration: Approx. 1 h