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Narva Opera Festival 2023: "Duke Bluebeard's Castle"

Narva Ooperipäevad
Bela Bartok
Agnė Ambrozaitytė
Narva Ooperipäevad 2023
August 17th, 2023 at the Kreenholm Manufacture

Stage director Agnė Ambrozaitytė
Designer Andrėja Puskunigytė
Video editor Andrėja Puskunigytė
Conductor Anatoly Shchura
Soloists Pavlo Balakin (bass, Estonia/Ukraine); Marija Jelic (mezzo soprano, Israel); Makar Kirillov
Narva City Symphony Orchestra

Duke Bluebeard brings a new young woman Judith to his gloomy, windowless castle with seven locked doors. The castle depicts the soul of Bluebeard, while the doors depict his character traits, past and soul life. The desire to get to know her husband better and to love more and more deeply drives Judith to ask her husband to open closed doors for her. Bluebeard fulfills his wife’s wishes, and his dark secrets are revealed.

The plot of the opera is taken from Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Bluebeard”, libretto by the Hungarian poet Béla Balázs.

The opera Béla Bartók “The Castle of Duke Bluebeard” will appear for the first time on the stage of the Narva Opera Days.

Opera in one-act and without interruption. Performed in Hungarian.