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NAKS Festival '23: "Juhan the Skeleton’s goings-on"

Latvijas Leļļu teātris
Triinu Laan
Janis Znotins
NAKS 2023, Noorele vaatajale
March 2nd, 2023

Author Triinu Laan
Director and dramaturge Janis Znotins
Stage artist Pamela Butane
Music Janis Znotins
Lighting artist Arta Kronberga
Cast Rūta Dislere, Anrijs Sirmais

Gramps and Gramma live on a farm, in a woodland house. One day Gramps brings home a retired skeleton. This skeleton has never belonged to a human. Instead it has served as a plastic model for teaching anatomy at school. Tired, tattered and retired it arrives in Gramp’s and Gramma’s house where they both have spent all their life. Here the Skeleton is named Juhan and begins to participate in Gramp’s and Gramma’s everyday activities, bringing joy, misunderstandings, a lot of warmth to it, and helping to sort out Gramp’s and Gramma’s relationship matters.

Age: 6+
Duration: 50min
A play with no words!