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NAKS Festival '23: "Blikk"

Kloden teater
Mine Nilay Yalcin
Mine Nilay Yalcin
NAKS 2023, Noorele vaatajale
March 16th, 2022 in Kloden Theatre

Script, director, producer Mine Nilay Yalcin
Costume design Synne Reichelt Føreland
Dramaturgy Christine Helland
Lighting design Clement Irbil
Technical manager Kai Luni Fjell
Cast Hina Zaidi, Madeleine F. Røseth, Julia Sørensen, Amalie Hyun Ju Eggen, Lisa Birkenes Thun 

What happens when bullying is concealed? When someone looks at you in a bad way, giving you a dirty look again and again when no one sees them? What happens when things go too far and splits the group of friends? What happens if a video is leaked, and someone ends up hitting someone?

Being subjected to "dirty looks" can be experienced as threatening, bullying and exclusionary and can quickly form the basis for larger conflicts. And when good girls become warriors with no inhibitions, the conflict can grow completely out of control...

BLIKK is a performance for youth and young adults which brings dirty looks, bullying, girl gangs and violence to the stage. Only girls participate in this explosive and dramatic play that punches the audience right in the gut.

Through her work with genres such as street theatre, the Norwegian-Turkish director Mine Nilay Yalcin has been concerned with accessibility, diversity and representation in the performing arts.

Performance is in Norwegian.

Please note that the performance contains strong language and depictions of violence.

Recommended age 13+