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Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus
Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus
September 21st 2022 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Authors Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus
Dramaturgical support Taavi Eelmaa
Sound design Mihkel Tomberg
Lighting and special solutions Kalle Tikas
(Sceno)graphic solutions Allan Appelberg
Video solutions Alyona Movko-Mägi
Voices Liisa Saaremäel, Katariina Tamm, Markus Truup, Tambet Tuisk
Graphic design Jaan Evart
Project manager Eneli Järs
Creative producer Evelyn Raudsepp
Technical support Henry Kasch, Kristiina Tang
Co-producers Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Marten Esko, Mihkel Ilus

On September 21 an installative performance titled "T2" by visual artists Mihkel Ilus and Marten Esko will premiere at Kanuti Gildi SAAL. The three-week-long exhibition-performance leads the viewer into a world of parallel plural meanings and platitudes, where the notion of uncertainty is furnished with prosaic and existential strangeness. "T2" is the opening project of the 2022/23 season of Kanuti Gildi SAAL and produced in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia.

The project includes additional artworks by Raili Keiv, Johannes Luik and Niall Macdonald as well as images of works belonging to the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design.

‘Well,’ they start. ‘Now this was all refreshing, but what are we doing here, Hal? Huh? What are we doing here?’
‘I don’t know.’ You shrug. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘I’m asking you – what are we doing here?’
‘I don’t know,’ you say, still shrugging. ‘I don’t know. Ask them.’ You look at me. I show you. Whether you see or not is hard to tell. We all continue.
‘We don’t know what we’re doing here either,’ I hear them say. You look back towards them.
‘You don’t know what we’re doing here?’
‘Shit,’ they say.
‘We’ll deal with this later. Let’s do something else. It’s getting vaguely exhausting. Does anyone know anyone who has anything? Hey Hal, do you have anything?’ they ask.
‘The smoke machine is busted,’ I answer. They sigh.
‘Listen, Hal.’
They are now staring at their phones, checking for something.
‘Hey Hal, are you listening?’ they whisper.
‘Yes,’ I whisper back.
‘Are you listening to me?’ you whisper.
‘Hey Hal?’
‘I’m going to propose that I tell you a joke on the condition that afterwards you stop with the questions and let me think.’
‘Is it a good one?’
‘A moth enters an ear-nose-throat physician’s office and is asked about the issue they came with. “Honestly doctor, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. What I suffer goes by many names – anguish, despair, torment, melancholia, depression – but while down with the thing itself, I simply call it It,” the moth explains. “But moth, dear, though you do need help, this is not the place for it at all.” Confused, the physician asks why the moth had chosen to come here in the first place. The moth, perplexed by the confusion, replies – “Well, I saw that the light was on.”’
‘That was a good one!’
‘Hey Hal? Weren’t they also called otorhinolaryngologists?’
‘Hey Hal?’

Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
Thank you: Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (ETDM), Fire Station Artists' Studios (FSAS), Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP)

Performative-installative exhibition space experience will take place throughout three weeks – from September 21 to October 8 in Kanuti Gildi SAAL.

Coming weeks are decisive 21.09 - 24.09:
Wed 18.00-21.00 opening night
Thu-Sat 15.00-20.00

Everything is possible somewhere 28.09 - 01.10:
Wed 18.00-21.00 opening night
Thu-Sat 15.00-20.00

A good solution because of the times 05.10 - 08.10:
Wed 18.00-21.00 opening night
Thu-Sat 15.00-20.00