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Magnetic Resonance

Rodrigo Chavero
June 11th, 2022 at the open-air gallery of the Telliskivi Creative City

Choreographer Rodrigo Chavero (Argentiina)
Performers Milla Prey (Itaalia), Krista KösterLucya Passiatore (Itaalia), Lidia NikolaevnaMarie PulleritsNele SuisaluSofia KruusamägiTatjana Romanova

"Magnetic Resonance" is a dance performance by Rodrigo Chaver, an Argentine choreographer living in Estonia, which tries to capture the connection between the mystical and the real world. The production is inspired by the choreographer's experiences during the COVID pandemic and asks what life would have been like if instead of losing our sense of smell we had lost our sense of sight. What would human dialogue and interaction be like then? The production explores these themes through the dancers' kinesthetic empathy, sensory perception and bodily states.

"In today's social context of violence, indifference and intolerance, Magnetic Resonance offers an opportunity for reflection and peace through a visually aesthetic experience. The uninterrupted energy of the dancers' movements is carried by the slow progression of the galactic constellation. Blinded-eyed, visually impaired, the dancers can perceive each other through a kinesthetic sense of movement, and by accompanying each other on this journey, offer the audience a visual, visually flowing world created together.

Duration: 45 minutes.