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Renate Keerd
Renate Keerd
October 30th 2021 in the Tartu New Theatre

Cross-culturally understandable / in Estonian, but mostly physical

Author, director, set and musical designer Renate Keerd
Lighting designers Renate Keerd, Kärt Karro
Technical solutions Epp Peedumäe, Heikki Mändmets, Kärt Karro
Producer Marie Valgre
Poster designer HUUPI
On stage Elise Metsanurk või Ilo-Ann SaareperaAndreas AadelEkke Hekles või Hardi Möller, Martin KorkJan Ehrenberg (Tallinna Linnateater) 

A performance that urges to unleash your inner creature and send it on a tour into the wilder corner of the room. But not just only.

The center of Renate Keerd's work has always been man and life in its absurdity. Unexpected transformations and metamorphoses as reflections of life are an integral part of her creative signature. As is true this time. Everything is possible.

On stage can be seen Tartu New Theatres troupe featuring it's freshly joined actors Elise Metsanurk or Ilo-Ann Saarepera, Ekke Hekles, Martin Kork, Andreas Aadel and Jan Ehrenberg as a guest.

In Estonian LOOD is homonym for stories or tales and a level (the tool)