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Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance '23: "Conductor"

Photinus Studio
Daria Maiier, Dmytro Tentiuk, Mykhailo Vybodovskyi, Yevhenii Kucheriavyi, Yevhenii Orlov
Kõheda Vastasmõju Festival

Artists Yevhenii Orlov, Mykhailo Vybodovskyi, Yevhenii Kucheriavyi, Dmytro Tentiuk, Daria Maiier

Support Estonian Ministry Of Culture, Culture Endowment of Estonia

Changing roles and functions of participants in the orchestra system. The conductor is usually perceived as the central figure between the orchestra and the listeners. He or she directs the musicians and directs the process to achieve a certain effect of a particular piece, through rhythm, accents and phrasing.

Conductor is about the creation of a space in which every spectator-listener is a participant in the performance. The audience area is divided into staves and corresponds to the different instrument parts digitally through the camera. Generative music created by the movement of people in the hall deprives the conductor of influencing the sound. The conductor turns into an actor who interacts and adapts to what the team creates through dance. The creation of a visual series is based on synesthetic interaction of the participants.

Photinus Studio is a new media art formation created in Ukraine in 2012 by the following artists & musicians: Max Robotov, Liera Polianskova, Ivan Svitlychnyi, Georgiy Potopalskiy. Formation’s main activities are connected with: creation and development of interactive light & sound installations, objects & scripts; direction of multimedia shows; mapping; work with VR, light, digital technologies, and art; education and experiments in PHOTINUS School.

Yevhenii Orlov is a new media artist, performer, sound artist. The main themes in his art practice are: the body, ecology, working with documents and historical context and research. Another important aspect for him is working with space and the viewer’s interaction with it, for example through an immersive experience.

Mykhailo Vybodovskyi is a new media artist, working and living in Kyiv. Main areas of expertise: algorithmic art, online environment, Big Data. The main media and tools are video art, photography, shooting with a drone. He has been a member of Photinus Studio since 2019.

Yevgenii Kucheriavyi is a visual artist. Until recently, he was engaged in painting, graphics, and ceramics. Currently, he is actively working with generative graphics and visual programming, photogrammetry. He is a developer and co-author of monumental projects, author of sketches and scenography for plays. Member of the underground hip-hop formation "Private Sect". Founder of the art group Sudbizm.

Dmytro Tentiuk is a multidisciplinary artist, musician and designer living in Kyiv. His work takes the shape of videos, installations, and audiovisual performances. By making use of new media and technology, his work investigates the border between the digital world and reality. In 2018 he created the project "OTY.10", focusing on the synthesis of visual and sound practices, the creation of audiovisual installations and audio performance. He has been an active sound artist since 2019.

Daria Maiier is an artist born in 1998 in Luhansk, Ukraine. Since April 2022 based in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2021 she has been a member of the Photinus Studio, working with both traditional media as painting, drawing, installation and digital one as 3D animation. In her works she often refers to her personal experience, stories of found objects and places, also to history of images itself. She uses them as an optics to consider social-political issues behind them.

Lenght: 45'
Language: No problem