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Festival "1000 cranes": "Nothing's A Gift" & "The Sky"

Un Yamada
Un Yamada
Festival "1000 kurge"

Author and performer Un Yamada
Musicians Kristi Mühling and Liis Jürgens

Un Yamada has performed in Estonia several times and is known to the local audience. Her show Solo is inspired by the devastating events of the big earthquake in Japan in 2011. After the catastrophe it became clear that the words weren't enough, people needed something else. They needed theaters, cafes, art galleries to gather their thoughts. In her performances Un uses different styles of music, classical, jazz, pop music, rap; sometimes she incorporates stories and monologues about life itself, art and society. In Solo, she is using a “free style”, which elements are minimal posture, life size gestures, modern-butoh and improvisation.

Coming from a background of training in apparatus gymnastics, ballet and butoh, Un Yamada has performed as a solo dancer since 1998. She uses music, art, literature, fashion and the movement of the body as resources for creating dance that is rich in wit. Un Yamada has performed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. She has created interdisciplinary pieces that combine music, drama, opera and traditional performance arts.