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Elle Viies
Elle Viies
March 31st, 2023 at the grand hall of Viljandi Koidu Culture Centre

Author, performer Elle Viies
Sound design Elle Viies, Henri Viies
Light design, technical support Joosep Kurm
Stage design Johanna Künnapas, Rahel-Marii Ingver
Mentor Ruslan Stepanov
Project management Anna Liis Põder
Thank you Koidu Seltsimaja, TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia, Maike Lond, Alissa Šnaider, Lea Otstavel

Ghostly personality, stiffened body, sticky skin. The hungry vulture, the act of becoming a landform and the impermanence of all things earthly. A certain tendency not to make eye contact. A tendency not to notice tendencies. Cultivating inner chaos without its outward expression. There they stand at the edge of the cliff with trembling knees. And nothing happens. It rains regardless of people's feelings.

“Koodeks is a solo performance where the foundations of the artist’s set of rules are presented chapter by chapter. The artist being punished, who is on the borderline of both fiction and temporal vagueness, does not know what they are being punished for. There is an effort to navigate in this systematized set of rules in such a way that the suffering resulting from this activity is enjoyable and purposeful.

Elle Viies has graduated the Tartu University Viljandi Cultural Academy. She is interested in eerie ways of being and perceiving, bodies that are both functional and phenomenal and puzzles.

Duration: 50'
In Estonian