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Greg Spottiswood, Heinrich von Kleist
Kim Collier
July 6th, 2023 in the black box of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Based on Heinrich von Kleist’s short story

Director Kim Collier (Canada)
Dramaturg Greg Spottiswood (Canada)
Scenographer Kairi Mändla
Composer Ardo Ran Varres
Lighting Designer Rommi Ruttas
Scene Fight Coach Tanel Saar
Chorus master Külli Kiivet
Devisers and performers Amy Reade (UK), Britt Kõrsmaa (EST), DongBin Lee (KOR), Elo Tuule Järv (EST), Javier Cárcel Hidalgo-Saavedra (SPA), Jennifer Bagg (AUS), Katia Skylar (FIN), Kirte Jõesaar (EST), Kreete Tarmo (EST), Kymbali Williams (UK/EST), Misia Żurek (POL), Rasmus Stenager Jensen (DE), Rebecca McCarthy (USA), Sofia Filippou (GRE)

A visceral, multi-disciplinary adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s classic short story The Earthquake in Chile, Earthquake is a remarkable journey through an epic theatrical and emotional landscape that features a rich cast of characters whose relationship to God, nature and each other are tested by a catastrophic seismic event.

Beginning with the "old world order" and its unflinching and rigid social mores, Earthquake opens with a society that is about to send two young lovers to their deaths. Then, a devastating environmental rupture cracks open not only the earth but also creates the possibility of a new, more generous world order – one that heals and welcomes the young lovers back into the good graces of society. But can that optimism and regeneration of the community survive the dark forces that want to interpret the disaster for their own political and theological ends?

With a surprising blend of romance, humour and shocking violence, Earthquake features the CPPM ensemble under the direction of celebrated Canadian creator Kim Collier. Working from a new dramatic adaptation written by Greg Spottiswood, this premiere production is a passionate theatrical experience that explores the human quest for connection and meaning in the midst of a crisis.

Earthquake is a profound exploration of faith and a testament to the belief that hope can survive tragedy.