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Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance '23: "Castle of Blood"

Apparatus & Apparata
Jürgen Reismaa, Reti Pauklin, Taavi Eelmaa
Kõheda Vastasmõju Festival
February 24th, 2023 in Von Krahl salon

Lights Aleksander Sprohgis (OOPUS)
Vocals / lyrics Reti Pauklin (Viljandi Academy of Culture)
Music / stage Jürgen Reismaa (sound technician at Von Krahl)
Words / attitude Taavi Eelmaa (artist, poet, writer and playwright)

a short engagement party during times of hunger
virgin bride
wearing black

Mystical music and peculiar performances are planned.

Apparatus & Apparata is a band of theatrical musical miniatures combining art-brut and analytical psychology with jazz, industrial and soul. The original genius loci of Apparatus&Apparata is based on the electronic music of Jürgen Reismaa, the enlightened vocals of Reti Pauklin and the majestic phrasing of Taavi Eelmaa.

Duration: 60'
Language: in Estonian