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Birgitta Festival '22: UNIKO

Kimmo Pohjonen

A composition for vocals, accordion, a string quartet, and electronics

Kimmo Pohjonen (accordion, vocals)
Juuso Hannukainen (electronics, electronic drums)
The Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste
Lighting Designer Priidu Adlas

The co-creation Uniko of Finnish musicians – accordion virtuoso Kimmo Pohjonen and his long-time creative partner Samuli Kosminen – was originally commissioned by the renowned Kronos Quartet in 2004. This is a multi-part work for vocals, accordion, a string quartet, and electronics, in which the sounds created by the vocals and five instruments grow into a massive orchestral sound supported by samples, electric drums, and electronic manipulations. The composed music has also left room for improvisation. The title refers to the dream-like and hypnotic qualities of the music. According to Pohjonen, this work is about dreams and life. The composer has wished to dive deep into music, close his eyes, and, in forgetting himself, go somewhere very deep. 'When you dream and are unconscious, you still know where you are. Then you wake up and are still in your dream.'