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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: The Queen of Seagulls

Läti Nukuteater
Ruta Briede
Edgars Kaufelds

Latvia Puppet Theatre

Stage, Costume and Puppet Designer Rūta Briede
Composer Jēkabs Nīmanis
Lighting Designer Uldis Andersons
Cast Baiba Vanaga, Anrijs Sirmais
Radio Voices Silvija Bitere, Kaspars Znotiņš

Renata is an ordinary, morose neighbour who cannot stand many things in this world, often writes complaints to the city council and grumbles about children’s noisy chatter. She is especially bothered by seagulls, which for some reason loudly intrude her yard. Renata lives in some town’s multi-storey house, in a small apartment, a look inside which allows discovering a very unusual secret. What is Renata really like? Maybe she is just enchanted?

"This story about Renata is about freedom, about finding it, about regaining it. It is my duty as an artist of this play, not an author, to implement this freedom in my work." - Rūta Briede, the author and artist of the book

"Does your child know that a nasty neighbour who can't stand the croaking of seagulls may be an enchanted queen, but an uncle who sings quite off-tune and plays the accordion may turn out to be a loving prince? After watching the play about the seagull queen Renata at the Puppet Theatre, the children will begin to reveal the secrets that live in every person – also both in themselves and their parents." - Inese Zandere

Latvia Puppet Theatre offers performances of Latvian and world's classics as well as those of contemporary works of literature; its plays tell the stories of the most wonderful fairy tales in the world and children are welcome to meet their favourite and most beloved literary characters. The Theatre is committed to providing something for every visitor. Everyone, whether a child, youngster or adult, can find an enchanting, enlightening and entertaining performance suitable for all ages. In order to maintain high standards of performance, the Theatre engages professional puppeteers, directors and puppet makers, who on a regular basis improve their artistic experience through the workshops with the world's leading puppetry experts. Latvia Puppet Theatre is the only theatre in Latvia engaging two acting troupes – Latvian and Russian, thus making a real contribution towards social integration.