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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: Little Man

Liepāja Nukuteater
Ģirts Šolis
Ģirts Šolis

Liepāja Puppet Theatre

Composer Mikus Frišfelds
Scenographer Ivonna Kalita
Lightning Designer Jānis Brašs
Sound Designer Kristaps Žilinskis
Magic tricks: Dace ja Enriko Pecolli
On stage Ilze JuraMadara EnkuzenaPēteris Lapiņš

Object theatre performance with elements of circus and magic

A circus artist and master of magic Jokus von Pokus takes care of an orphan, a thumb size boy whose parents are world's smallest circus acrobats, but have disappeared during the tour in Paris. A thumb size boy Max now is travelling the world together with Jokus von Pokus. One day, when the boy is old enough he decides to become a circus artist. Unfortunately, nothing comes out of it! Max takes courage to improve some of the existent circus performances without a notice thus ruining the whole show! Jokus von Pokus and other circus artists become angry with a boy. While dreaming boy realises that one has to study hard to become a master of magic. Could there be a better teacher in the whole universe than Jokus von Pokus?

Liepaja Puppet Theatre has a small troupe of professional actors founded in 1989. The troupe is keen on combining classical puppet techniques with experiments, thus the repertoire includes performances ranging from classics to contemporary plays and original drama. Liepaja Puppet Theatre performs in Liepaja and on tour around Latvia and abroad, letting the viewers to get acquainted with various puppets – rod puppets, hand puppets, large masks, marionettes and objects that come to life during the performance. Behind the scenes excursions skillfully reveal the secrets of puppetry and puppet show making. Every season Liepaja Puppet Theatre produces at least 4 new productions and has 8–10 active shows on its repertoire.