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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: Emilie Sagée

Kersti Heinloo, Raho Aadla
Kersti Heinloo, Raho Aadla
15. augustil 2022 Kellerteatris

Scenographer Kristjan Suits
Composer Raido Linkmann
Lightning Designers Kristjan Suits and Triin Suvi
Scenographer's Assistant Maia Vahtramäe
On stage Eva Püssa ja Arolin Raudva

A mystery of the senses for ages 14+

Born in the 19th century Dijon, Emilie Sagée was a passionate and respected school teacher whose poetic struggle with herself completely changed her life. In sixteen years, Emilie worked at nineteen schools, leaving behind pupils and colleagues who had started to doubt about reality. Several said they had seen Emilie in different places at the same time. Others claimed she had a ghostly twin. Recent reports of a similar mysterious phenomena come from Valmiera girls’ boarding school in Latvia.

The speechless story of “Emilie Sagée” offers an insight into her and makes the viewer questions their own reality and perception of our world. Mysterious emotions have been composed together by directors Kersti Heinloo and Raho Aadla, adding a visual auditory nerve to the performance and bringing a physical and perceptual approach to the creative process.