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Baltic Visual Theatre Showcase '22: Aardvark the One

Rezekne teater Joorik (Läti)
Sandija Santa
Edgars Niklasons

Rezekne theatre Yorick

Silent detective story for the whole family

Scenographer Evita Beta
Choreographer Alise Putnina
On stage Marats EfendijevsTatjana Suhinina-PeckaKristina Klimanova

In this private zoo every day feels the same until one night a strange animal appears in one of the empty cages. Animal carers and the head of the zoo are puzzled – what does this creature look like – is it a kangaroo or a bunny? While all workers are trying to figure out the animal’s origin, it disappears and the adventure can begin. Everybody in this case is a suspect including workers themselves.

Are you also a detective? Help us find our beloved friend!

Aardvark The One is a story about love and understanding without words in one act.

In 1990, a group of Rezekne Russian Folk Theatre enthusiasts under the leadership of director Igors Mihailovs founded one of the first independent theatre groups in Latvia – theatre-studio Poor Yorick. In 2002, the theatre changed its concept and changed the name of the theatre, and since then it has been the Rezekne theatre-studio Yorick.

From the foundation of the theatre until 2016, the artistic director of the theatre was its founder Igors Mihailovs. Since 2016/2017 the artistic director is IIja Bočarņikovs, a former student of the Yorick Children’s and Youth Studio, a graduate of the Moscow Art Theatre School and a director. With the initiative of I. Bočarņikovs, a professional Latvian troupe was formed. During each season several productions are being made, including musical productions, performances for children and youth, comedies and dramas.