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Acting for Climate: Ripples

Acting for Climate, Festival Norpas, Hawila Project
Hanne Friis

Ripples is a contemporary circus performance about eco-grief and utopia, sailing across the Baltic Sea to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future. The performing arts company Acting for Climate (NO) joins forces with Festival Norpas (FI) and Hawila Project (DK) to bring youth together for a transformative experience of a more sustainable today.

The artistic director of the performance is Hanne Friis (DK), for whom the project combines her passions of performing arts and environment. "We challenge our times, inspiring people to act towards climate change, to reflect on how Humanity treats Nature. Let us sail around and enter the harbours and hearts of people", she declares.

Ripples invites you on board a voyage into the future, a mourning ritual for the past and to question the present. We will explore how to live in a balanced and just society of the future, and reflect this in our artistic expression in the present. Seven artists embody ecological grief and hope for the future within the ship’s magnificent framework. A magical universe of circus, dance, physical theatre, music and storytelling unfolds from aft to bow and all the way up to the top of the masts. 

Performances are FREE upon registration