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About us — Choreographies of hugging

Eline Selgis, Sofia Filippou
Eline Selgis, Sofia Filippou
May 17th, 2022 at ARS art factory

Performers-choreographers Eline Selgis and Sofia Filippou (GRE)
Sound artist Helen Moor
Light designer Reelika Palk aka Lyv
Installation: Kristel Kuslapuu & By Death (DNK)

of all the forests of the world you walked into
the stories melted through
cold wet maybe
left right left right left right left right
dark light
the space-in-between yawning in choir
held in the

DanceSPACE – TantsuRUUM – is a supportive environment and meeting place for local and international contemporary dance professionals in order to move and think about movement on regular basis.

Co-production: Estonian Dance Agency
Support: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Dance Agency, Estonian Artists’ Union, Pakenditööstus
Graphic design: Helmi Arrak
Photos: Riina Varol